Lauren + Jonathan

5 Ways to Rock a Mid-day Backyard Wedding

  1. don’t skimp on the details

    Lauren and Jonathan’s wedding was held at a family member’s quaint home in Charlotte, NC. The house and the street it was on was filled with historic Charlotte’s suburban character. The house had lots of natural light flooding in every room and a perfectly-sized and beautifully-landscaped backyard. Lauren’s coordinator and designer was a good friend named Mary Davisson (check her out here). Mary travelled all the way from AZ to make this beautiful day happen! All the details flowed within the same theme and style. The backyard was staged perfectly to fit the space. All of this perfection is due to Mary’s hard work! Don’t be afraid to hire a designer!

  2. simplify the space.

    Anytime we used a indoor space for getting ready or first look photos, we made sure to remove any clutter. A clean space makes for beautiful photos and allows for all the focus to be on what is actually happening. Removing any unnecessary items and tucking them away makes you feel less like you’re in someone’s living space and more like you’re in quality and welcoming wedding venue.

  3. embrace the shade.

    The Harrises took the road less travelled and celebrated their wedding from 11am to 3pm! For photographers, the idea of shooting midday is less-than-exciting for fear of harsh sunlight on everyone’s faces. What was SO AMAZING about this backyard is that it was covered with the shade from the beautiful tree underneath which the ceremony was held. Not only that but the sun that did come through nicely backlit Jonathan and Lauren during the entire ceremony. Not every lighting situation is this perfect but do your best with with what you have. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for some general lighting tips!

  4. Don’t be afraid to take b&g portraits off-sight.

    Rather than trying to find a small corner of the backyard where the cocktail hour was being held, Lauren researched a nearby park that was located off the main road and, again, nicely covered with trees and greenery (and that awesome street surrounded by tall trees!) We were able to take their intimate bride and groom portraits without interruption and it was close enough to the venue that we didn’t have to rush.

  5. brunch.

    ‘Nuff said. Your guests got up early to celebrate this incredible day with you and you reward them with mimosas and breakfast… UMMMM YESSS! I was elated to see that Famous Toastery was catering and it fit so perfectly with the feel of the day. Everyone was relaxed and having so. much. fun. celebrating with this oh-so-loved couple.

Thanks so much, Jonathan and Lauren, for choosing me to celebrate with you! I have enjoyed every moment of it.

christian reyes