Wedding photographer based out of Winston-Salem, NC.

Very excited to travel as much as I can!

 Capturing your unique and special moments while cheering you on from behind the camera.

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Meet Christian

Hey!! I’m Christian. I am 26 years old and share a home with my two rambunctious pups. If you’re wondering what that extra spice you notice about me (because I get asked a lot), I am half Puerto Rican and very proud of my spicy side! I am a 7 on the Enneagram scale meaning I’m always dreaming and scheming. I love looking at the big picture and planning to make dreams happen. Most days you can find me either spending quality time with my girl friends with a glass of wine in hand and New Girl on the TV or working tirelessly behind my computer or camera trying to create the best content and photos for my beloved clients. I am most known for my knack for connecting people, my creative mind, and my tiny chihuahua we call Ruru and my big ol’ scaredy-cat boxer pup who’s named after Chance the Rapper. My favorite thing about being your wedding photographer would be getting to become you and your partner’s bestie. My favorite engagement sessions end with tacos and margaritas. I enjoy helping you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. I love connecting with you, chatting about your big day, and staying friends even after all the photos are delivered. Let’s chat and get this thing started!